Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What (ALMOST) got me

Last Dec 30, 2011, a few minutes after publishing my previous blog, I saw something sparked in front of me and heard a loud bang. My first instinct was maybe the outlet sparked, too many appliance being used at the same time. But as I checked, the outlet was neither burnt nor in flame. So I wondered what was that I heard. And then, something bounced with more of *tink* rather than a *boing* sound near and landed near my foot. So just by the sound, I knew it was something small and made out of metal. I looked, and it was confirmed. It was a bullet, pierced through our roof.

Thinking now of how I reacted when I saw the bullet, I cant help but laugh a bit. What I did was I walked out the door in slow motion, while everybody in the house where shouting and asking: "Ano yun?", "Ano nangyari?". I walked past them and went straight to the phone, dialed a number. Wrong number. Second attempt, a deep voice answered. I was thankful to hear one of our village's guard's voice. And so I told him what happened and asked him to come over our house.

As soon as I put down the phone, I cried. For 30 friggin minutes. I couldnt speak at all. Even to my daughter. I knew at that time my family already knew what happened. And then the guard came, and everybody did all the storytelling and inspection in our den, while I was sitting inside my room. Staring at my child crying, having random thoughts. I should have been dead by now. I could not see and hug my daughter again. etc.etc.Even all my daughter's pa-cuteness didnt work. I was as cold as ice.

Then dinner time came. By then, my mood became lighter. I uttered 2-3 words each time I feed my daughter. And when its my time to eat, I was mostly relaxed. I even made a joke about my appetite. "Kung hindi lang masarap ang ulam, wala akong ganang kumain."

Within an hour, all those things happened. In that short of a time, my life would have been over. But it's not. I am still here, very much alive, sharing my story to you. And I couldn't help but feel more thankful than scared. Thankful to God that I could still be with my family. I could still eat the hainanese chicken for dinner. I could still wake up to a new day and celebrate a brand new year. Thankful that I could still use the internet, tweet and bbm my friends. Thankful for even the simplest of things. Because God spared my life, and saved me from harm. And I believe that is because God still has GREAT plans for me this year!

So Cheers! To a brand new year, a brand new hope, a brand new life ahead of us! :)

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