Saturday, December 8, 2012

MY BROTHER'S WEDDING (photo diary)

My super adorable princess, Louis Faith.

Our growing family. L-R. Bibs (my husband), mama, Tin, kuya, Louis, papa, me.   
 Entering the reception area. Mala-survivor, may apoy apoy effect.

THIS moment made me tear up. Mama and kuya.
Bride with her father + groom with his mother
Before the bouquet and garter thingy, the host asked kuya to go way back and dance his way to Tin. I commend kuya for being so game. Kitang kita naman sa face oh! hahaha

It's always a wonderful mystery how God brings two people together. He's five years older. She's the same age as the man's younger sister. But love knows no limits, no boundaries. And I believe that if God destined two people to be together, regardless of the struggles and challenges, in the end, you two will still end up together.

I am a witness on how much happier my brother has been ever since Tin came into his life. And I couldn't be  happier for them. For whatever issues there were before, I'm glad all those are over and now, I could genuinely say that I am happy to have Tin as my sister. 

Cholo & Tin
November 17, 2012

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